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This is a table of the ranks and insignia of the Mexican Army. Spanish language ranks are in italics, with English translation. Rank insignia of the Mexican Air Force and Mexican Army are identical, as are the ranks, with the exception of two general ranks. Nowadays the ranks are now supported with the Fuerza Aerea (Air Force) ranks for the Air Force itself only.


Secretary of
National Defense
Divisional General Brigade General Brigadier General
Secretario de la
Defensa Nacional
General de División General de Brigada General Brigadier
Air force:
Wing General
General de Ala
Air Force:
Group General
General de Grupo


Mexican Military Coronel Mexican Military Teniente-coronel Mexican Military Mayor
Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major
Coronel Teniente Coronel Mayor


Mexican Military Capitan-primero Mexican Military Capitan-segundo Mexican Military Teniente Mexican Military Subteniente
First Captain Second Captain Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant
Capitán Primero Capitán Segundo Teniente Subteniente


Mexican Military Sargento-primero Mexican Military Sargento-segundo Mexican Military Cabo Soldado de Primera FAM Mexican Military Soldado
First Sergeant Second Sergeant Corporal Private First Class Private
Sargento Primero Sargento Segundo Cabo Soldado de Primera Soldado


Rank badges have a band of colour indicating branch:

  • Mexico-branch-colour Med&Vet(yellow) Gold: Generals
Gral sedena Gral divn Gral bgda Gral bgdr
General de division FAM General brigadier FAM
  • Mexico-branch-colour Staff(lt-brown) Light Brown: General Staff; Presidential Guards Corps, Presidential High Command
  • Mexico-branch-colour Infantry(red) Scarlet: Infantry
Corl ejer Tnte corl Mayr ejer Capt 1ero Capt 2ndo Tnte ejer Sub- tnte
  • Mexico-branch-colour Artillery(burgundy) Burgundy: Artillery
  • Mexico-branch-colour Quartermaster(red-brown) Red-Brown: Quartermaster Command ("Materiales de Guerra")
  • Mexico-branch-colour Transport(lt-orange) Light Orange-Brown: Transportation
  • Mexico-branch-colour Legal(aqua) Green: Judicial Corps("Justicia"); Military Police
  • Mexico-branch-colour Engineers&Sigs(blue) Blue: Engineers; Signals and Communications ("Transmisiones")
  • Mexico-branch-colour Cavalry(blue) Light Blue: Cavalry
  • Mexico-branch-colour Cartography(lt-blue-grey) Light Gray-Blue: Cartography
  • Mexico-branch-colour Air(purple) Purple: Army Aviation; Parachutist Fusiliers (i.e. includes Air Force)
Coronel FAM Teniente Coronel FAM Mayor FAM Capitan Primero FAM Capitan Segundo FAM Teniente de la FAM Subteniente FAM Sargento Primero FAM Sargento Segundo FAM Cabo del Aire FAM Soldado de Primera FAM Soldado del Aire FAM
Teniente coronel FAM Capitan primero FAM Teniente FAM
  • Mexico-branch-colour Musicians(grey) Gray: Military bands and Drummers and Buglers
  • Mexico-branch-colour Armour(lt-grey) Light Gray: Armor
  • Mexico-branch-colour Intelligence(v-lt-grey) Very light Gray: Intelligence
  • Mexico-branch-colour ServiceCorps(buff) Brownish Gray: Service Corps ("Administracion e Intendencia")
  • Mexico-branch-colour Med&Vet(yellow) Yellow: Medical; Veterinary Service

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