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Army of Republic of Macedonia
Армија на Република Македонија
Founded 1991
Current form 1991
Headquarters Skopje, Macedonia
Commander-in-Chief President Gjorge Ivanov
Minister of Defense Talat Dzaferi
Chief of the General Staff Goranco Koteski
Military age 18[1]
Available for
military service
532,856 males, age 16-49[1],
513,684 females, age 16-49[1]
Fit for
military service
444,247 males, age 16-49[1],
427,556 females, age 16-49[1]
Reaching military
age annually
16,144[1] males,
14,920[1] females
Active personnel 30,000
Reserve personnel 70,000
Budget 300,000,000 $ (2013)[2]
Percent of GDP 2,5% (2010 est.)[1]
Foreign suppliers Ukraine Ukraine
Serbia Serbia
Bulgaria Bulgaria
United States
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The Army of the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian language: Армија на Република Македонија, Armija na Republika Makedonija) is the name of the unified armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia. The Macedonian military is a defence force consisting of an army (Армија, Armija); an air force (Воено Воздухопловство, Voeno vozduhoplovstvo); and a professional military unit, the Macedonian Special Forces (Волци, Volci).


The national defence policy aims to guarantee:

  • the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the republic;
  • the integrity of its land area, territorial waters and airspace; and
  • to defend the country's constitution.

Its main interests remain the development and maintenance of a credible capability to defend the nation's vital interests and development of the Macedonia Army in such a way that ensures their interoperability with the armed forces of NATO and the European Union member states and their capability to participate in the full range of Alliance missions.[3]

NATO accession

Military history


The Republic of Macedonia abolished the compulsory military service as of October 2006. The Macedonian Army is the first in the region to consist fully of professional soldiers.[4]


Insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia

The Army was heavily involved in trying to maintain order when the ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army (NLA) militant group attacked the security forces of the Republic of Macedonia at the beginning of January 2001. The conflict lasted throughout most of the year, although overall casualties remained limited to several dozen for either side, according to the sources from both of the sides in the conflict. The conflict was resolved by the adoption of the Ohrid Framework agreement in August 2001.

War in Afghanistan

The Republic of Macedonia has deployed 244 troops to Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.[5] On 13 September 2011, Macedonian forces were filmed fighting alongside U.S troops as they successfully repelled a Taliban attack on the ISAF headquarters in Kabul.[6]


The primary arm of the military in the Republic of Macedonia is the Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM). The ARM is commanded by the Minister of Defense through the Chief of the General Staff (CGS) of the ARM. Two Deputy CGS positions include the Deputy CGS for planning, operations and readiness, under whom operates the General Staff of the ARM, and the Deputy CGS for civil-military cooperation.

Macedonian Ground Force

It plays the key role in securing the safety and unity of the territory of the Macedonian republic. The army is divided into the rapid reaction force and strategic reserve forces. The rapid reaction forces represent the main active combat capability of the military and consist of the 1st Brigade. The strategic reserve forces provide reserve brigades that can be called up in times of emergency.

Macedonian Aviation Brigade

Macedonian Air Force and Air Defence has an important role as air support element of ground forces and in enhancing flight safety. One of the main goals of the air force is to build up an air surveillance system, which will be the cornerstone of the air traffic safety and airspace control. The air component is made up by the Aviation Forces and the Air Defense Forces.It is located in "Alexander the Great" Airport (near Skopje).

  • Combat Helicopter Squadron "Night Thunders" (Mi-24V)
  • Transport Helicopter Squadron (Mi-8MT/17 and UH-1H)
  • Transport Squadron (An-2R)
  • Training Squadron (Zlin 242L and Zlin 143L)
  • Pilot Training Center (Bell 206B-3)
  • Squadron for Logistical Support
  • Battalion for air guidance and calling
  • Battalion for Air Defence

Special Operations Regiment

Special Operations Regiment, is the main command for Special Units of the Army of Republic of Macedonia.Under the command of Special Operations Regiment are Ranger Battalion,as well as the Special Force Battalion "Wolves".March 1, 1994 - for the first time in the Macedonian Army was formed Special Forces Unit known as "Wolves". Mission of Special Operations Regiment

Provides fully organized, trained and equipped units to perform special operations and conventional specific operations, independently or in cooperation with other units of the Army and other coalition forces, in all weather and land conditions during peace, crisis and war support peace and conflict prevention as part of overall efforts to support internal security and foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia.

Missions outside the Republic of Macedonia

  • Special Operations Regiment from June 2003 to June 2008 attended by 11 contingents of rotations in the "Iraqi Freedom"
  • Participation in Peacekeeping "ISAF-Phoenix" in Afghanistan from May to December 2010
  • Participation of individuals within the missions in Bosnia, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Received award:

  • Order of Merit assigned to 14/08/2012, the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Dr. Ivanov marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Army of Republic of Macedonia;
  • Medal for bravery ........................ 6 members;
  • "Bronze star" .................................. 8 members;
  • "Achievment medal" ...................... 43 members;
  • "ARCOM medal" ........................... 68 members;
  • "NATO medal" .............................. 46 members;
  • "Altea medal" ................................. 2 member.

Command for Training and Doctrines

Command for Training and Doctrines Organization, coordination and dimensional task of training the individual soldiers, cadets, NCOs and officers of the active and reserve forces, support collective training commands and units of the Army of the Republic and the development of doctrine and lessons learned in the Army of Republic of Macedonia.In particular for meeting NATO requirements.

In order to improve the quality of training of the Army in 1996,were established several centers for basic and specialized training of individual soldiers, and collective training was done in the units. Centers were established to train: infantry, artillery, logistics, border guards, military police and reconnaissance.

Brigade for Logistics Support

Formed in 2001, the Logistics Command oversees all combat service support operations, and controls the Land Forces Logistic Bas and the Military Hospital. Mission: Planning, organizing, coordinating and executing logistical support to commands and units of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia,of level II and III.


1. Planning, organizing, coordinating and executing logistical support in the following functional areas:

  • supply
  • maintenance and repair
  • movement and transport
  • medical and veterinary support
  • infrastructure
  • services

2.Management with materials of all classes of supply for the commands and units of the Army

3. Storage and maintenance of material supplies for ARM according to specified criteria

4. Strengthening the logistics capacity of the Army in conducting training, work in field conditions, combat engagement and participation in missions

5. Coordinating support of allied forces in transit or maintain in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia

6. Execution of logistical support for the administrative bodies and bodies of local self-governments, organizations, associations, etc. (in special circumstances and for special orders and instructions)

Other commands

Other commands under the CGS include ELINT Center and the Honor Guard Unit.

Organization of the Military of the Republic of Macedonia



Vehicle Photo Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Logistics and Utility Vehicles
HMMWV File:Macedonian ARMY HMMWV.jpg United States Light Utility Vehicle 56 41 received as military aid from United States
Land Rover Defender File:Macedonian ARMY Land Rover.JPG  United Kingdom Light Utility Vehicle 42
Otokar Cobra File:Macedonian Army Otokar Cobra.jpg  Turkey Light Utility Vehicle 1 Donation from Turkey
Iveco File:Macedonian ARMY Iveco.jpg  Italy Medium utility truck 44
DAF  Netherlands Medium utility truck 126
M35/44 truck United States Medium utility truck 150 Received as military aid from United States
Vehicle Photo Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
BMP-2 File:Macedonian ARMY BMP-2.JPG  Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicle 11
MT-LB File:Macedonian Army MT-LB.jpg  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 11
BTR-80 File:Macedonian Army BTR-80.jpg  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 12 Used by Special forces
BTR-70 File:Macedonian Army BTR-70.jpg  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 60
TM-170 "Hermelin" File:Macedonian Army TM-170 Hermelin.jpg  Germany Armoured personnel carrier 115 Modified by Eurokompozit


ELBO Leonidas-2 File:Macedonian Army Leonidas.jpg  Greece Armoured personnel carrier 10 In reserve
M113 File:Macedonian Army M113.jpg United States Armoured personnel carrier 30 In reserve
T-72  Soviet Union Main Battle Tank 31


Artillery Photo Origin Type Versions In service Notes
BM-21 Grad File:Macedonian Army BM21.jpg  Soviet Union Multiple rocket launcher 12
M2A1 File:Macedonian Army M2A1.jpg United States Howitzer 36 Received as military aid from United States
M-30 File:Macedonian Army M30.jpg  Soviet Union Howitzer 108 Received as military aid from Bulgaria
M-63 "Plamen" File:Macedonian ARMY Plamen M-63.JPG  Yugoslavia Multiple rocket launcher 12

Mortars- 700 total, ex-JNA, Type- 60mm M57; 81/82mm M37; 81/82mm M69; 120mm M43.

Small arms

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
CZ 75 Pistol  Czech Republic
Daewoo DP-51 Pistol  South Korea
CZ-99 Pistol  Yugoslavia
CZ 999 Pistol  Yugoslavia
Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun  Germany
M4 Assault rifle United States Received as military aid from United States
H&K G3 Assault rifle  Germany
Zastava M21 Assault rifle  Serbia
Zastava M90 Assault rifle  Yugoslavia
Zastava M70 Assault rifle  Yugoslavia
Zastava M92 Assault rifle  Yugoslavia
Zvi Falcon Sniper rifle  Czech Republic
Zastava M93 Sniper rifle  Serbia
Sako TRG-42 Sniper rifle  Finland
SVD Dragunov Sniper rifle  Soviet Union
Zastava M76 Sniper rifle  Serbia
M2 Browning Heavy machine gun United States
NSV Heavy machine gun  Soviet Union
M249 SAW General purpose machine gun United States
PKM General purpose machine gun  Soviet Union
Zastava M84 General purpose machine gun  Yugoslavia
MG3 General purpose machine gun  Germany
Zastava M53 General purpose machine gun  Yugoslavia
Milan ATGM ATGM  France Received as military aid from France
M80 Zolja Shoulder-launched missile weapon  Yugoslavia
M79 Osa Shoulder-launched missile weapon  Yugoslavia
M90 Stršljen Shoulder-launched missile weapon  Serbia /  Macedonia

Retired Equipment

T-34/85 x4 Inherited from JNA, turned into museum pieces.
BRDM-2 x10 Retired.
T-55A x94 Military aid from Bulgaria, retired.
BTR-60P x31 Retired.


  •  This article incorporates public domain material from the CIA World Factbook document "2003 edition".

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