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Diagram showing the evolution of the Army of the Moselle-depicting the different armies that were combined and separated as needed for the northern campaign

Evolution of the Army of the Moselle, War of the First Coalition

The Army of the Moselle (Armée de la Moselle) was a French Revolutionary Army. Originally known as the Armée du Centre, it was renamed by decree of the National Convention on 1 October 1792 and kept under that name in the decrees of 1 March and 30 April 1793. By the decree of 29 June 1794 its left wing joined with the armée des Ardennes and the right wing of the armée du Nord to form the armée de Sambre-et-Meuse.

The right wing remained under the orders of Jean Moreau as the armée de la Moselle. However, this new army's right wing was joined with the left wing of the armée du Rhin by a decree of 29 November 1794 under the name of the armée devant Mayence, and finally what remained of the Armée de Moselle was merged with the armée du Rhin by a decree of 3 March 1795 (executed on 20 April) to form the armée de Rhin-et-Moselle.



  • 9e Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval

Battle honours

The armée de la Moselle fought especially in the Rhine Palatinate.


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