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The Army of Germany (Armée d'Allemagne) was one of the French Revolutionary armies, formed by a decree of the French Directory dated 29 September 1797 (8 vendémiaire Year VI) by merging the Army of Sambre-et-Meuse and the Army of the Rhine and Moselle and commanded from the decree until 6 October by général Saint-Cyr under général Hoche. The decree was enacted between 7 and 20 October 1797, and from 7 October until 13 December the unit was under the command of général Augereau and deployed with the armée du Nord. Another decree of 9 December (19 frimaire year VI) that year, executed from 14 to 16 December, re-split the Armee d'Allemagne into the armée de Mayence and armée du Rhin.


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