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Army Public Schools & Colleges System
File:Army Public Schools & Colleges System.svg
School type Army School, preparatory
Motto "I shall rise and shine"
Opened 1975
School board Federal Board, CIE and Edexcel.
Years offered 3-4 to 18-19
Gender Mixed with separate sections in most schools.
Number of students 10,000 ,000 approximately
Average class size 30
Education system SSC, HSSC and GCE
Classes offered O and AS/A level, Matriculation
Medium of language English
Language English medium
Schedule Day school
Houses      Unity

Army Public Schools & Colleges System (or APSACS) is an educational institution with branches located in the four provinces of Pakistan. There are a total of 146 branches in the whole country


The curriculum includes:

  • Art
  • Biology Theory and Lab
  • Chemistry Theory and Lab
  • Computer Information Science and Lab
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Islamic studies
  • Mathematics
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Physics Theory and Lab
  • Social Studies
  • Urdu Grammar
  • Urdu Literature
  • History
  • Geography


Army Public Schools and Colleges (APSACS) are semi-private institutions, affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. Considered to be English Medium Schools, the bulk of the curriculum is taught in English. However, as the national language of Pakistan is Urdu and the country's laws are based on Islamic beliefs, Urdu literature and grammar, Islamic Studies and are part of the school's system.

Some of the College branches provide prep courses for Military Academy entrance exams.

Three programs of studies are provided by the college in intermediate.

  • F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)
  • F.Sc (Pre-Medical)
  • ICS (Computer Science)

Notable principals

  • Saeed Rashid, the writer, teacher and historian was the principal of Army Public School Jhelum and Mangla Cantt from 1990 to 1994.


There are warm and south regions in Pakistan . They are sub-divided into 11 regions.

  • Lahore Region : 10 schools
  • Rahim Yar Khan Region : 2 Schools (satellite town & Cantt)
  • Multan Region : 5 schools
  • Mangla Region : 5 schools
  • Karachi Region : 15 schools
  • Rawalpindi Region : 26 schools
  • Peshawar Region : 22 schools
  • Quetta Region : 9 schools
  • Gujranwala Region : 10 schools
  • Bahawalpur Region : 6 schools
  • Hamza Camp Region : 1 school
  • AAD Region : 16 schools
  • Gilgit Region : 2 schools
  • sukkur region : 1 school


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