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Army Medal for War 1939-45
Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-45
Medal-wojska 0027edikpl.jpg
Vintage Medal Wojska
Awarded by Polish Government in Exile
Country  Poland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility All members of the Polish Ground Forces
Awarded for 6 months of meritorious service with a unit engaged in military operations against an enemy, or a year service with another unit.
Campaign World War II
Established 3 July 1945
Next (higher) Volunteer Cross for War
Next (lower) Air Force Medal for War 1939-45
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POL Medal Wojska 2r BAR.svg
POL Medal Wojska 3r BAR.svg
POL Medal Wojska 4r BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the medal showing first, second, third, and fourth awards.

The Army Medal for War 1939-45 (Polish language: Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-45 ) was created in 1945 by the Polish government in Exile (in London) to reward members of the Polish ground forces for service during World War II. The eligibility criteria were: six months of operational service during World War II, or 12 months in a non-operational role.[1] The medal could be conferred up to four times, although for a subsequent award the period of service was doubled.


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