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U.S. Army Logistics University crest

The United States Army Logistics University (ALU), a subordinate school of the United States Army Combined Arms Support Command, is located at Fort Lee, Virginia.

The Army Logistics University (ALU) officially opened its doors on 2 July 2009,[1] continuing actions directed under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Law. The ALU received its genesis from the Army Logistics Management College (ALMC). The ALU will be the premier lifelong learning center for the Army's professional military, civilian, joint, interagency, multinational, and intergovernmental partners within the Sustainment community.[citation needed] The university will provide a world-class research and student center, a state-of-the-art enterprise education management system, expanded partnerships with universities and colleges, and progressive degree programs.

Army Logistics University campus

The ALU consolidates over 200 courses that were formerly offered by five Army logistics schools to educate Sustainment leaders. The new organization comprises three distinct colleges. The Army Logistics Management College, the Logistics Leader College, and the Technical Logistics College, and a consolidated Logistics Noncommissioned Officer Academy. All of these organizations have a different focus, but share the same mission to provide professional military education and key functional training to the Army's Sustainers: Civilians, Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs.

The ALU will continue the ALMC tradition of educational excellence, serving all branches of military service, the Defense Logistics Agency, as well as other US Government agencies, and international officers. Sustainment leaders around the world will look to Fort Lee and the ALU for their sustainment reach back and education.

While it is a self-titled "University", Army Logistics University is not a regionally-accredited institute of higher education.[2] The school, which despite its name is no different than any other branch-specific training school within the US Army, is not authorized to grant any degrees or graduate certificates in any programs.


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