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Armored Train of the Foreign Legion
Active 1948
Country  France
Allegiance Flag of legion.svgFrench Foreign Legion
Branch France French Army
Size 100
Engagements First Indochina War

The Armored Train of the Foreign Legion was a detachment of the soldiers from the French Foreign Legion formed in French Indochina to deal with ambushes by the Vietminh.


The Armored Train of the Foreign Legion was tasked with providing supplies to the French forces in Indochina. It was responsible for protecting the Transindochinois line.


The Armored Train of the Foreign Legion operated trains consisting of the following.

  • 2 Locomotives
  • 1 Command car
  • 8 Combat cars
  • 2 Engineering cars: These cars held rails and equipment for quickly repairing portions of destroyed track.
  • 1 infirmary car
  • 2 pilot cars: These cars were pushed in front of the train in order to detonate any mines before the rest of the train might be struck.

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