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Armor branch insignia, featuring two crossed sabers with a m-26 tank superimposed on top
Active Created 10 July 1940
Country United States
Branch U.S. Army
Type Armor
Home station Fort Benning, Georgia
Motto(s) The Combat Arm of Decision
Branch color Yellow

The Armor Branch of the United States Army is an active combat arms branch created in 1940.


Even though the armor branch traces its linage back to the original cavalry units, its first beginnings date from the First World War. The Tank Service of the National Army was formed on 5 March 1918. and disbanded after the war in 1920. The Armored Force was formed on 10 July 1940, And became a permanent branch of the Army in 1950. The United States Army Armor School is now located at Fort Benning.


ARMOR is the professional journal of the U.S. Army’s Armor Branch, published by the Chief of Armor at Fort Knox, Ky., training center for the Army’s tank and cavalry forces. It is also one of the oldest publications in the U.S., founded in 1888 by cavalry officers on the American frontier as a forum for discussing doctrine, tactics, and equipment among soldiers geographically separated by the great distances of the American West.


M1A2 – Main Battle Tank
Stryker – Armored Combat Vehicle
Stryker MGS - Tank Destroyer
M2 Bradley IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle
M3 Bradley CFV - Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

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