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The Armeesportvereinigung Vorwärts (Army Sports Club Forward), briefly ASV Vorwärts , was the sport organization of the German Democratic Republic's National People's Army (NVA) and its predecessor, the Barracked People's Police (Kasernierte Volkspolizei).

Together with the sport clubs and the Sportvereinigung Dynamo, the ASV was one of the most important supports of the GDR's achievement sport system. From their clubs in Potsdam, Frankfurt (Oder), Neubrandenburg, Stralsund or Rostock emerged well-known sportsmen like the boxer Henry Maske or the canoeist Birgit Fischer.

In almost every city with barracks or other army installations the ASV kept a training center. Apart from providing the training equipment, the most important task of the local sections was the promotion of youth sports.

The uniform ASV tracksuit, brown polyamide with yellow-red stripes and the oval ASV emblem on the chest, attained cult status after the German reunification.

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