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Arlington Heights Air Force Station
call sign: tbd
 United States Air Force general surveillance radar station
Country United States
State Illinois
Command 1960-1969: Airdefensecommand-logo.jpg Air Defense Command (later Aerospace Defense Command)
Garrison 755th Radar Squadron
 - coordinates 42°03′51.5″N 87°59′44″W / 42.064306°N 87.99556°W / 42.064306; -87.99556 [1]
Annexes Gap Filler radar sites (AN/FPS-18)[1]
 - RP-31D Monee, Illinois 41°24′36″N 087°45′54″W / 41.41°N 87.765°W / 41.41; -87.765 (RP-31D)
 - RP-31F Williams Bay AFS WI 42°36′57″N 088°32′23″W / 42.61583°N 88.53972°W / 42.61583; -88.53972 (RP-31F)
Code 1960 April 1: RP-31 (ADC)
1963 July 31: Z-31 (NORAD)

Arlington Heights Air Force Station was a 1960-1969[2] USAF general surveillance radar station 1.8 miles (2.9 km) south-southwest of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Arlington Field

Arlington Field[3] opened in 1942, as an auxiliary airfield for the nearby NRAB Chicago and which had a World War II prisoner-of-war camp,[4] opened on May 4, 1945, with 75 German POWs.[3] Project Nike Integrated Fire Control Site C-80 of the 45th Antiaircraft Brigade opened at Arlington Field in 1955,[5] and in January 1960, the 755th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron transferred to the field from Williams Bay Air Force Station at Elkhorn, Wisconsin,[6] while the co-located Arlington Heights Army Installation was being built for a Project Nike Army Air Defense Command Post.

Air Force Station

Arlington Heights Air Force Station was activated on 1 April 1960, when Williams Bay AFS was redesignated from P-31 to gap-filler RP-31F. In 1962, the station began providing Semi-Automatic Ground Environment radar tracks to Data Center DC-02 at Truax Field, Wisconsin, for the Chicago Air Defense Sector's ground-controlled interception.[5] One of the two Arlington Heights Air Force Station's General Electric AN/FPS-6 Radars height finders was upgraded[when?] to the -6B variant and then the -90 variant,[7] and the station's Bendix AN/FPS-20 Radar was also upgraded to an AN/FPS-67.[when?] The 755th inactivated on September 30, 1969, and Project Concise ended the site's Nike operations in 1974--52 acres (21 ha) transferred to the city parks district.[5] A May 1979 golf course was built[8] near the nuclear bunker[specify] —the Arlington Lakes Golf Club has 90 acres (36 ha) with 14 lakes.

In August 1994, 3 military units were still stationed at the Arlington Heights military site.[8]


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