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Joint Arctic Command
Arktisk Kommando
Founded October 31, 2012
Country  Greenland
 Faroe Islands
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark
Allegiance Denmark
Branch Defence Command
Size ~40 civilian & military
Part of Danish Defence
Headquarters Nuuk Coat of Arms.gif Nuuk, Greenland
Nickname(s) AKO
Rear Admiral (RDAF) Stig Østergaard Nielsen [1]

Arctic Command or the Joint Arctic Command (Danish language: Arktisk Kommando

Faroese language
Arktisk Kommando; Greenlandic language: Issittumi Sakkutooqarfik) is a direct Level II authority in the Danish Defence. Joint Arctic Command's primary mission in peacetime is to ensure the Commonwealth of the Realm sovereignty by monitoring the area around the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The command also handles tasks such as fishery inspection, Search and Rescue (SAR), patient transport and other tasks of social character.

As a result of the Defence Agreement 2010-2014, it was decided to close the two commands, Island Command Faroes and Island Command Greenland and replace them with the joint service Arctic Command. The command will act as the connection point and coordinator of cooperation between the armed forces and local authorities.[2] Both Island Commands Faroes and GReenland were previously also components of the NATO Command Structure (NCS), but there is no confirmation that the new Arctic Command is in the NCS as well.

Arctic Command is physically located on two main sites

  • Nuuk [3]
    • Headquarters by 36 civilian and military employees are located in Royal Greenland's former headquarters. It was originally proposed three sites for the location: Nuuk, Narsarsuaq or the current location of the Marine Station Grønnedal (Kangilinnguit) - here the choice fell on Nuuk.
  • Thorshavn [4]
    • Contact element Faroe Islands (FEF) rent space in the same building as used by MRCC Tórshavn / Torshavn Radio and the Faroese Contingencies Agency "Tilbúgvingarstovnur Føroya". The location here means an enhanced preparedness and coordination between the civilian and military authorities and tasks. In total there are four military and one civilian employee of the item.

Arctic Command is also responsible for Slædepatruljen Sirius in North-east Greenland.[5]


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