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Arab Nationalist Guard
الحرس القومي العربي
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Emblem of the Arab National Guard.svg
Flag of the Arab National Guard.svg
Arab Nationalist Guard emblem and flag
Active April 2013–present
Ideology Pan-Arabism
Area of
Aleppo Governorate, Damascus Governorate, Deraa Governorate, Homs Governorate
Strength 1,000 (May 2014)[1]
Allies Syria Syrian Armed Forces
File:Flag of the National Defense Force.svg National Defense Force
Opponents Syria Free Syrian Army
Al-Nusra Front

Syrian Civil War

The Arab Nationalist Guard (Arabic language: الحرس القومي العربي‎) is a secular volunteer militia force operating in Syria. The group espouses an Arab nationalist ideology, gathering away from any sectarian, ethnic, or religious extremism. The Arab Nationalist Guard's membership includes nationalists from a variety of Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria and Yemen.[1][2] Some of their militiamen had fought previously in the Libyan Civil War and the Iraq War.[1]


The group’s ideology,[3] falls in line with pan-Arab ideals, as well as with anti-Zionism and anti-colonialism. The Arab Nationalist Guard has an its own manifesto, where it is stated that the units names are inspired from Arab or North African politicians and martyrs who have led secularist and Arab nationalist movements or were killed by Islamists.

Other non-Arab figures that stand include late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez .

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