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April 2015 al-Qalamoun incident
Part of Hezbollah involvement Syrian Civil War and allegedly Iran–Israel proxy conflict
Rif Dimashq in Syria (+Golan hatched).svg
Rif Dimashq Governorate in Syria (red)
Planned by Allegedly Al-Nusra Front
Allegedly Israel[1]
Objective Strategic weapons depots and weapons convoys[1]
Date 22–26 April 2015
Executed by Alleged Al-Nusra Front responsibility
Alleged Israeli Air Force involvement[1]
Outcome Unknown
Casualties 1[2]–6[2] killed

The April 2015 al-Qalamoun incident were a series of attacks made on targets in al-Qalamoun region of Syria on the morning on 25 April 2015. The targets were the Brigade 155 (main Syrian Scud-base) and Brigade 65 bases in the Qalamoun.[1] Two weapons convoys were also targeted, reportedly killing one person.[2] According to an opposition source, the targets were Hezbollah camps and ammo storages within the two bases.[3] Several explosions were heard in the areas of Kteife, Yabrud and a village in Qalamoun.[1] Plumes of smoke were seen above the Brigade 65 base, shortly after the strikes.[citation needed]

According to conflicting sources the attack was attributed to a ground attack by Al-Nusra Front,[4] or an air operation of the Israeli Air Force.[5] Unprecedently, unlike previous cases of no comment, Israeli official sources denied any involvement of Israeli forces in the incident.[6]

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