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Antonis Oikonomou
Native name Αντώνης Οικονόμου
Born 1775
Died 16 (aged -1760–-1759) December 1821 (aged 45–46)
Place of birth Hydra, Ottoman Empire
Place of death Hydra, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Greece Greece

Antonis Oikonomou (Greek: Αντώνης Οικονόμου; 1785 – 16 December 1821) was a Greek naval captain in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.


Antonis was born in Hydra and became a sailor in a young age. Just before the start of the Greek War of Independence his ship sunk near Gibraltar. He then travelled to Constantinople to commission a new ship and there he was recruited to the Filiki Eteria by Papaflessas.

In the meantime in Hydra the leaders of the island did not want to lose their privileges given to them by the Ottomans so they did not join the revolution. Antonis, with the help of the members of Filiki Eteria from the Peloponnese, landed on the island (30 March 1821) and expelled the governor, Nikolao Kokovila. He then declared a state of war on 16 April 1821.

Soon after Hydra joined the revolution the leaders of the island devised a conspiracy and managed to arrest Antonis, since most of his supporters, which were sailors, were away from the island. After he was read his charges, relatives of his intervened and managed to help him escape to Kranidi. There he was arrested again and put behind bars. Once more he managed to escape and traveled to Argos to meet with other revolutionary figures. Hearing this, the leaders of Hydra, worried that he will drum up help against them, sent a military contingent to kill him. Theodoros Kolokotronis discovered their plans and dispatched 200 men under Tsokri to protect Antonis. The men did not succeed to reach him on time and he was killed on 16 December 1821.

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