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Antonio de Zuñiga y Guzman,(c.1458 - 1533), Prior of Castile, Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Plasencia, Spain, was the general of the Royal Army against the Revolt of the Comuneros and a Viceroy of Catalonia from 1523 - 1525.[citation needed]

Family background

Antonio de Zuñiga (Decorated tiles of the Capitania General de Barcelona)

He was one of the sons of Pedro de Zuñiga y Manrique de Lara, 3rd Count of Plasencia.

His mother,Teresa de Guzman y de Guzman, daughter of Juan Alonso Perez de Guzman y Orozco, died in 1458. Then, Antonio became thus the step son of Isabel de Zuñiga y Pimentel.

Diplomatic services

In 1519, Antonio took part in the diplomatic meetings headed by Mercurino Gattinara at Montpellier, France, with king Francis I of France representatives.

Coat of arms of Fabrizio del Carretto, (1453 - 1521), 43rd Great Master of the Order of Saint John, 1513 - 1521

Revolt of the Comuneros

In 1521 Antonio was general of the Royal Army who carried out military actions against the rebellious groups at Torrelobaton, Villalar and Toledo during the Revolt of the Comuneros. One of the results was that the Bishop of Zamora, Antonio de Acuña, was executed near Simancas.

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Don Alfonso Pardo Manuel de Villena, (Madrid 18.8.1876, + 1955), was a Knight of the Order of Saint John of Malta, he was 10th Marquis of Rafal through his mother, A Grandee of Spain and an Academician of the Spanish Real Academia de la Historia.

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