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Arms of Antoine, 8th Duke of Gramont

Antoine-Louis-Marie de Gramont (17 August 1755 – 28 August 1836) was an aristocratic French general, diplomat and parliamentarian.[1]

He was known by the courtesy title of comte de Louvigny before his marriage, on 16 April 1780, to Aglaé de Polignac (who died 1803 in Edinburgh), daughter of Yolande de Polastron, Duchess de Polignac, when he was accorded the style duc de Guiche.

He succeeded a cousin as 8th Duke de Gramont and as Prince de Bidache in 1801.[2]

The Duke served as a captain in the Royal Garde du Corps before fleeing to Britain at the outset of the French Revolution. He remained loyal to the House of Bourbon, becoming a military commander under Louis Antoine, Duke of Angouleme and later serving briefly as French ambassador to the Court of St James's under the Bourbon Restoration.

Titles and honours

Collar of the Saint-Esprit

Titles and styles

  • Crown of a Count of France (variant).svg Comte Antoine de Louvign (by courtesy, 1755)
  • Crown of a Duke of France (variant).svg Antoine, duc de Guiche (as heir presumptive, 1780)
  • Biret prince.png Duc de Gramont and Prince de Bidache (1801)
  • Crown of a Duke of France.svg Duke and Peer of France (1814); (1817)


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