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Antoine-Louis de Gourdon
Antoine-Louis de Gourdon
Born 20 July 1765
Died 28 July 1833(1833-07-28) (aged 68)
Place of birth Paris, France
Place of death Paris, France
Allegiance  First French Empire
 Kingdom of France
Rank Vice-amiral

Saint-Domingue expedition
Napoleonic Wars

Awards Grand Officier of the Legion of Honour
Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Louis

Antoine Louis Gourdon, born in Paris on 20 July 1765 and died there on 28 June 1833, was a vice-amiral of the French Navy.


He saw his first campaign in the frigate Aimable, taking part in the capture of Demerara. Unlike many officers he did not join the French Royalist cause, and was dismissed in 1793. Later restored to the Navy, he served with the Saint-Domingue expedition, commanding the naval division at Port-de-Paix.

He later took part, in April 1809, at the Battle of Basque Roads, on board Foudroyant. In 1811 he took command of the French squadron based in the Scheldt, defending the river from British attack during the Siege of Antwerp in 1814.

After the fall of Emperor Napoleon, he joined the Bourbon Restoration. From 1815, he successfully commanded the fleet at Rochefort, and that at Brest between 1816 and 1826. In 1822, he was promoted to vice-amiral and became a member of the conseil d'Amirauté. In 1829, he became directeur général of the Dépôt des cartes et plans de la Marine, the French naval cartography department. He was made a Chevalier (February 1804), Officier (June 1804), Commandeur (July 1814) and Grand Officier (August 1820) of the national order of the Légion d’honneur[1] as well as a Chevalier (July 1814), Commandeur (May 1816) and Grand Croix (August 1824) of the Ordre de Saint-Louis.[2]

He died on 28 June 1833 and was buried in the 39th division of the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris.[3]


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