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Class overview
Name: Antioquia-class destroyer
Builders: Lisbon Naval Arsenal
Operators: Colombia Colombian Navy
Succeeded by: Fletcher-class destroyer
In commission: 9 June 1932 to 3 March 1961
Completed: 2
Retired: 2
Preserved: 0
General characteristics
Displacement: 1,219 tons (empty); 1,563 tons (loaded)
Length: 323’1” (98.45 metres)
Beam: 31’2” (9.44 metres)
Height: 10’11”
Draught: 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m)
Installed power: 33,000 shp
Propulsion: 3 × Yarrow 400P boilers
2 x Parsons turbines with Curtiss reduction gearing, 2 shafts with non-controllable-pitch propellers (CPP)
Speed: 36 kn (67 km/h; 41 mph)
Range: 3,500 nmi (6,500 km; 4,000 mi) at 15 kn (28 km/h; 17 mph)
Endurance: 9 days
Complement: 147

4 × BL 4.7-inch (120 mm) guns
2 × Vickers Mk.VIII 2-pounder anti-aircraft guns

8 × 21 inch (530 mm) torpedo tubes (2 × 3) for Mk.IX torpedoes

The Antioquia-class of destroyer consisted of two ships, the ARC Antioquia and the ARC Caldas, used by the navy of Colombia, the Armada Nacional República de Colombia, between 1933 and 1961.

The two ships were being built in the Lisbon Naval Arsenal, as part of Douro-class destroyers for the Portuguese Navy. They were purchased by the navy of Colombia before completion, in 1933, in response to the Colombia–Peru War,[1] with two further ships ordered by the Portuguese Navy to replace them. The ARC Antioquia and ARC Caldas were originally named NRP Douro and NRP Tejo, respectively.

The design was by the British company Yarrow Shipbuilders, based on that of the Royal Navy's prototype destroyer Ambuscade. Two were built at Yarrow's shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland, and the remainder in Lisbon with Yarrow machinery.

Both ships were refitted in the USA, at Mobile, Alabama, in 1954, when three 5-inch guns were fitted, two forward and one aft. This had the effect of shifting their centres-of-gravity, resulting in poor handling in foul weather, which also over-stressed the hulls.[2]

The Antioquia was decommissioned on the 23 January 1961, and the Caldas on the 3 March 1961, with both ships being scrapped.