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Anápolis Air Force Base
Base Aérea de Anápolis
Anápolis, Goiás
File:Mirages (4892778368).jpg
Mirages 2000 at Anápolis in 2008
Type Air Force Base
Coordinates Latitude:
Location code ALA2
Built 1970-1972 (1970-1972)
In use 1972-present (1972-present)
Brazilian Air Force
Open to
the public
Controlled by  Brazil Air Force
Cel. Av. Gustavo Pestana Garcez
  • 1st Air Defense Group
  • 1st Troop Transportation Group
  • 1st Squadron of the 6th Aviation Group
  • 2nd Squadron of the 6th Aviation Group

Anápolis Air Force Base – ALA2 (ICAO: SBAN) is a base of the Brazilian Air Force, located in Anápolis, Brazil.


The history of Anápolis Air Force Base begins on 9 February 1970,[1] when its construction started, with the main purpose of receiving the new air force fighter at the time, the Mirage III,[2] designated by the Brazilian Air Force as F-103. For strategic reasons, was decided that the new air base would be close to the capital Brasília. After several studies (including issues of air traffic and radio interference) the choice was the city of Anápolis, located 160 km from Brasília.[1]

The facility became operational on 23 August 1972,[1] with the completion of the airstrip. A new air unit, specially created to operate the F-103, was then activated: the 1st Air Defense Wing (1º ALADA). This unit was decommissioned on 19 April 1979, transferring its mission to the 1st Air Defense Group (1º GDA), the unit was responsible for operating the F-103 until 2005. In 2006, started to operate the Mirage 2000,[3] already retired. Currently operates the F-5EM & FM.[4]

From 2021 operates the JAS 39 Gripen, designated by Brazil as F-39 E & F.[5]


The following units are based at Anápolis Air Force Base:[1]

  • Adelphi Squadron of the 1st Air Defense Group (1º GDA) using the F-39 Gripen E & F.[6]
  • Jaguar Squadron of the 1st Air Defense Group (1º GDA) using the F-5EM & FM.[7]
  • 1st Troop Transportation Group (1º GTT) Zeus, using the KC-390.[8]
  • 1st Squadron of the 6th Aviation Group (1º/6º GAv) Carcará, using the R-35AM.[9]
  • 2nd Squadron of the 6th Aviation Group (2º/6º GAv) Guardião, using the E-99M and R-99M.[10]


The base is located 12 km from downtown Anápolis.[1]


This gallery displays aircraft that are currently or have been based at Anápolis. The gallery is not comprehensive.

Present aircraft

Retired aircraft


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