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Arlington National Cemetery is a United States military cemetery located in Arlington County, Virginia near The Pentagon and directly across the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial. The cemetery has graves for thousands of casualties and deceased veterans of the nation's conflicts, beginning with the American Civil War but includes reinterred dead from earlier wars as well. It was established during the Civil War on the grounds of Arlington House, which had been the estate of the family of Confederate general Robert E. Lee's wife Mary Anna (Custis) Lee (a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington).

The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipient must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented posthumously.[1]


Image Name Service Rank Death date Burial location Comments[2][3]
Head and shoulders of a white man with bags under his eyes and a large, bushy mustache and connected sideburns. He is wearing a double-breasted military jacket with two stars on a patch on the shoulder. Baird, AbsalomAbsalom Baird Army Brigadier General June 14, 1905 Section 1, lot 55 Led a detached brigade charge
Baldwin, FrankFrank Baldwin Army Captain April 22, 1923 Section 3, lot 1894 First award: Risked his life to capture a Georgia regiments flag and taking two officers prisoner
Batchelder, Richard NapoleonRichard Napoleon Batchelder Army Lieutenant Colonel January 4, 1901 While in charge of his men and while fighting enemy forces ensured that his trains continued to run day and night to get their cargo to where it was needed.
Beaufort, Jean J.Jean J. Beaufort Army Corporal September 15, 1897 Section 13, lot 13784 "...volunteered to go within the enemy's lines and at the head of a party of eight destroyed a signal station, thereby greatly aiding in the operations against Port Hudson that immediately followed."
Birdsall, Horatio L.Horatio L. Birdsall Army Sergeant November 19, 1891 Section 13, lot 6935 For capturing the flagbearer
Bliss, ZenasZenas Bliss Army Colonel January 2, 1900 Section 1, lot 8-B Risked his life by exposing himself to enemy fire and fired off several shots to encourage his regiment to lie down and protect themselves from enemy fire
75px Bourke, John GregoryJohn Gregory Bourke Army Private June 8, 1896 Section 1, site 32-A-ES "gallantry in action"
Boynton, Henry V.Henry V. Boynton Army Lieutenant Colonel June 3, 1905 Section 2, lot 1096 Led his regiment in the face of a severe fire of the enemy; was severely wounded
Brown, William H.William H. Brown Army Landsman November 5, 1896 Remained at his post and performed his duties in the powder division throughout an attack on Fort Morgan which resulted in the surrender of the prize rebel ram Tennessee and in the damaging and destruction of batteries of the enemy fort.
Capehart, Charles E.Charles E. Capehart Army Major 1911 Section 3, lot 2033-WS Risked his life by charging down a mountain at night in a heavy rain causing the enemy to flee and allowing his men to capture the enemy wagon train and taking prisoners.
Capehart, HenryHenry Capehart Army Major April 15, 1895 Section 1, lot 140 "Saved, under fire, the life of a drowning soldier."
Catlin, Isaac S.Isaac S. Catlin Army Major January 19, 1916 Section 2, grave 3397 Was wounded while attempting to rally disorganized troops, and although able to recover somewhat he was wounded again
Clay, CecilCecil Clay Army Captain September 23, 1903 Section 2 Led his regiment in the charge, carrying the colors of another regiment, and when severely wounded in the right arm, incurring loss of same, he shifted the colors to the left hand, which also became disabled by a gunshot wound.
Cook, JamesJames Cook Army Bugler August 3, 1915 Section 17, grave 18613 "Volunteered at the age of 15 years to act as a cannoneer, and as such volunteer served a gun under a terrific fire of the enemy."
Diggins, BartholomewBartholomew Diggins Army Ordinary seaman February 23, 1917 Section 13, Site 5400-15 Risked his life and remained at his post contributing to the success of the U.S.S. Hartford during the Battle of Mobile Bay
Durham, James R.James R. Durham Army Second Lieutenant August 6, 1904 Section 3, Lot 1435 "...led his command over the stone wall, where he was wounded."
Füger, FrederickFrederick Füger Army First Sergeant October 13, 1913 Section 1 Lot 511
Gause, IsaacIsaac Gause Army Corporal April 23, 1920 Section 17, Grave 19595 Captured the colors of the 8th South Carolina Infantry while engaged in a reconnaissance mission along the Berryville and Winchester Pike.
Gere, Thomas P.Thomas P. Gere Army First Lieutenant January 8, 1912 Section 1, lot 361 Captured the enemy battle flag
Gilmore, John C.John C. Gilmore Army Major December 22, 1922 seized the colors of his regiment and gallantly rallied his men under a very severe fire
Grace, PeterPeter Grace Army Captain March 27, 1914 Section 3, Site lot 2556 Single-handedly rescued a comrade from two Confederate guards during the Wilderness Campaign in Virginia
Harris, James H.James H. Harris Army Sergeant January 28, 1898 Section 27, Lot 985-H, Map Grid BB-48.5 Gallantry during the assault of Chaffin's Farm
Hatch, John PorterJohn Porter Hatch Army Major general April 12, 1901 Section 1, Grave 133-C "Was severely wounded while leading one of his brigades in the attack under a heavy fire from the enemy."
Holland, Milton M.Milton M. Holland Army Sergeant Major May 15, 1910 Section 23, Grave 21713 "Took command of Company C, after all the officers had been killed or wounded, and gallantly led it."
Houghton, Charles H.Charles H. Houghton Army Captain April 6, 1914 Section 3, Lot 2411-WS Risked his life by repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire
Kerr, Thomas R.Thomas R. Kerr Army Captain November 14, 1926 Section 3, lot 1623 After being most desperately wounded, he captured the colors of the 8th Virginia Cavalry (C.S.A.).
Kirby, Dennis T.Dennis T. Kirby Army Major April 18, 1922 Section 1, Grave 334 During the Battle of Vicksburg, Major Kirby seized the colors when the Color Bearer was killed and carried them himself in the assault.
Lawton, Henry WareHenry Ware Lawton Army Captain December 19, 1899 Section 2, Site 841 "Led a charge of skirmishers against the enemy's rifle pits and stubbornly and successfully resisted 2 determined attacks of the enemy to retake the works."
Lower, Cyrus B.Cyrus B. Lower Army Corporal May 21, 1924 Section 17, Lot 19971 Volunteered to rejoin his command after being wounded
MacArthur, Jr., ArthurArthur MacArthur, Jr. Army First Lieutenant September 5, 1912 Section 2 "Seized the colors of his regiment at a critical moment and planted them on the captured works on the crest of Missionary Ridge"
Merriam, Henry C.Henry C. Merriam Army Lieutenant Colonel November 12, 1912 Section 1, Lot 114-13 "Volunteered to attack the enemy's works in advance of orders and, upon permission being given, made a most gallant assault."
Miles, Nelson A.Nelson A. Miles Army Colonel May 15, 1925 Section 3, Lot 1873 "Distinguished gallantry while holding with his command an advanced position against repeated assaults by a strong force of the enemy; was severely wounded."
Parks, Harry JeremiahHarry Jeremiah Parks Army Private October 19, 1927 Section 2, lot 1200 "While alone and in advance of his unit and attempting to cut off the retreat of a supply wagon, he fought and sent to flight a Confederate color bearer. After capturing the color bearer and leaving him in the rear, he returned to the front and captured 3 more wagons and drivers."
Plowman, George H.George H. Plowman Army Sergeant Major February 27, 1921 Section 3 "...recaptured the colors of the 2d Pennsylvania Provisional Artillery."
Rice, EdmundEdmund Rice Army Major July 20, 1906 Section 3 "Conspicuous bravery on the third day of the battle on the countercharge against Pickett's division where he fell severely wounded within the enemy's lines."
Saxton, RufusRufus Saxton Army Brigadier General February 23, 1908 "Distinguished gallantry and good conduct in the defense."
Schofield, JohnJohn Schofield Army Major March 4, 1906 Section 2, Lot 1108 Was conspicuously gallant in leading a regiment in a successful charge versus the enemy.
Schwan, TheodoreTheodore Schwan Army First Lieutenant May 27, 1926 Section 2, Lot 860 Risked his life to drag a wounded and helpless officer to safety to prevent his capture while the rest of his regiment fell back.
Scott, AlexanderAlexander Scott Army Corporal May 27, 1923 Section 17, Grave 20472 Assumed carrying the national colors when the colors sergeant fell behind.
Sickles, DanielDaniel Sickles Army Major General May 3, 1914 Section 3, Grave 1906 Risked his life by contesting the advance of the enemy and continuing to encourage his troops even after being severely wounded
Smith, JamesJames Smith Army Captain of the Forecastle October 31, 1881 Section 65, Site 1485 Despite damage to his ship and the loss of several men Smith fought throughout a prolonged battle which resulted in the surrender of the rebel ram Tennessee and in the successful attacks carried out on Fort Morgan
Stahel, JuliusJulius Stahel Army Major General December 4, 1912 Led his division into action until he was severely wounded.
Swayne, WagerWager Swayne Army Lieutenant Colonel December 18, 1902 Section 3, Lot 1406 "Conspicuous gallantry in restoring order at a critical moment and leading his regiment in a charge."
Head of a white man with wavy hair and a drooping mustache wearing a military jacket with shoulderboards. Thorn, WalterWalter Thorn Army Second Lieutenant July 20, 1920 Section 2, lot 3689-WH After the fuze to the mined bulkhead had been lit, this officer, learning that the picket guard had not been withdrawn, mounted the bulkhead and at great personal peril warned the guard of its danger.
Truell, Edwin M.Edwin M. Truell Army Private October 12, 1907 Section 13 Lot 5274-C Although severely wounded in a charge, he remained with the regiment until again severely wounded, losing his leg.
Tweedale, JohnJohn Tweedale Army Private December 21, 1920 Section 1, Lot 470 Took the colors after 3 of the color guard had fallen, and although most instantly knocked down by a spent ball, immediately arose and bore the colors to the end of the engagement.
Profile of a white man with a long mustache and goatee wearing a suit coat, vest, and bow tie. Below are the words "Wheelock G. Veazey, Judge Advocate General, Rutland, Vt." Veazey, Wheelock G.Wheelock G. Veazey Army Colonel March 22, 1898 Section 2, Grave 1026 Rapidly assembled his regiment and charged the enemy's flank; charged front under heavy fire, and charged and destroyed a Confederate brigade, all this with new troops in their first battle.
Wainwright, JohnJohn Wainwright Army First Lieutenant April 15, 1915 Section 2, Grave 1061 Gallant and meritorious conduct, where, as first lieutenant, he commanded the regiment.
Weston, John F.John F. Weston Army Major August 3, 1917 Section 2, lot 856 This officer, with a small detachment, while en route to destroy steamboats loaded with supplies for the enemy, was stopped by an unfordable river, but with 5 of his men swam the river, captured 2 leaky canoes, and ferried his men across. He then encountered and defeated the enemy, and on reaching Wetumpka found the steamers anchored in midstream. By a ruse obtained possession of a boat, with which he reached the steamers and demanded and received their surrender.
Head and torso of a white man with a full beard, wearing a partially unbuttoned double-breasted military jacket, a handkerchief tied around his neck, and a single medal pinned to his left breast. Willcox, Orlando B.Orlando B. Willcox Army Colonel May 11, 1907 Section 1, Grave 18 Led repeated charges until wounded and taken prisoner.
A white man with a thin mustache, wearing a military jacket and a forage cap low over his eyes. His side is turned to the camera and his is tending to a horse. Williston, Edward B.Edward B. Williston Army First Lieutenant April 24, 1920 Section 1, Grave 422 Distinguished gallantry.



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