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Type Open Joint Stock Company
Industry Aerospace & Defense
Founded 2002
Headquarters 41 Vereyskaya str. Moscow, Russia, 121471[1]
Key people Vladislav Vladimirovich Menshikov (General Director, Anatoly Ivanovich Sabin (Head of Research)
Revenue Increase 134.7 bn roubles (2010)
Profit Increase 11.6 bn rub. (2009)

JSC Concern "Almaz-Antey" (Russian: ОАО «Концерн ПВО „Алмаз-Антей“») is a Russian joint undertaking in the arms industry, a result of a merger of Antey Corporation and NPO Almaz, unifying some of the national military enterprises, in particular, the developers of anti-aircraft defence systems (PVO in Russian). The organisation is headquartered in Moscow. In 2008, the entity had arms sales of $4.34 billion, which constituted 94% of the total revenue.[2]


Founded in 2002 by Presidential Decree 412 of the Russian President.[3]

In 2003 the Director General of the Concern, Igor Klimov was shot dead. Criminal investigation founded that it was linked to a property revision inside the company.

The current Board is headed by Viktor Ivanov, Director General; Vladislav Menshikov, Chief Designer; and Anatoly Savin.


Includes 46 enterprises and scientific research institutes:

  • JSC Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Kupol"
  • JSC Lianozovsky Electromechanical Plant
  • JSC Marijsky Machine-building Plant
  • JSC Kalinin Machine-Building Plant
  • JSC Moscow Machine-building Plant "Avangard"
  • JSC NPO "Moscow Radiotechnical Plant"
  • JSC Nizhegorodsky Machine-building Plant
  • JSC Tulsky Plant "Arsenal"
  • JSC All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of radiotechnics
  • JSC Grushin Machine-building Design Bureau "Fakel"
  • JSC Marine Scientific Research Institute of radioelectronics "Altair"
  • JSC Moscow Scientific Research Institute "Agate"
  • JSC Scientific Research Electromechanical Institute
  • JSC NPO "Almaz" named after A. A. Raspletin
  • JSC Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design
  • and some others.

Concern structure optimization process continues by inclusion into it the following enterprises (since 2007[4]):

  • JSC Arzamas Instrument Plant
  • JSC Impulse (Moscow)
  • JSC Lantan (Moscow)
  • JSC Interstate joint-stock corporation Vympel (Moscow)
  • JSC Radiophysics (Moscow)
  • JSC Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (St. Petersburg)
  • JSC Saturn (Omsk)
  • FSUE State Scientific Research Institute of Device-designing (Moscow)
  • FSUE Scientific Technical Center of Industrial Technologies and Aeronavigational Systems (Moscow)
  • FSUE "FNPC "Nizhegorodsky Scientific Research Institute of Radiotechnics" (Nizhniy Novgorod)
  • FSUE OKB Peleng (Ekaterinburg)

Total net profit of Almaz-Antey - 1.7 bn roubles (2004), total gain - 38.2 bn rub.

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