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Allende-class frigate
ARM Mina F 214 at Cozumel
ARM Mina F 214 at Cozumel
Class overview
Name: Allende
Builders: Todd Shipyard, Seattle and San Pedro
Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company
Avondale Shipyard
Operators: Mexican Navy
Built: 46
Active: 4
General characteristics
Type: Anti-submarine frigate
Displacement: 4,260 tons (full load)
Length: 438 ft (134 m)
Beam: 46 ft 9 in (14.25 m)
Draught: 24 ft 9 in (7.54 m)
Propulsion: 1 set Westinhouse gearing steam turbines 35,000 shp (26,000 kW).
Speed: 27 knots (maximum)
Range: 4,300 nmi at 20 knots (37 km/h).
Crew: 288
Sensors and
processing systems:

Navigation: One Raytheon SPS64(V)9 I/J bands;
Surface Search radar: One Raytheon SPS-10;
Air Search radar: Lockheed SPS-40B;
Sonar: EDO-G.E. SQS-26 CX hull mounted LF;
Gun fire control system:

Western Electric SPG-53F;
ASW fire control system: Mk 114.
Armament: 1 × 127 mm Mk 42 DP gun;
Fixed torpedo launcher 324 mm MK 32 Mod. 9 TT; Mk-25 BPDMS launcher for Sea Sparrow missiles (Allende only)
Aircraft carried: 1 MBB Bo 105 helicopter
Aviation facilities: One helicopter hangar and helipad
Notes: Ex-Knox class US ocean escort frigates.

Allende class is the name of anti-submarine frigates used by the Mexican Navy. Allende class frigates are former United States Navy Knox-class frigates, and they were bought in 1997. They form the Mexican Gulf Fleet of the Mexican Navy. They are used for anti-submarine and offshore patrol duties. This is because weapons are reduced to only one 127 mm Mk 42 DP gun and four fixed ASW torpedo launchers. Electronic combat systems are also reduced and consist only of one gun fire control System. Western Electric SPG-53F and one MK 114 ASW fire control system for ASW torpedos of 324 mm. All hulls have ASROC Mk 16 octuble launcher system. Allende class frigates can operate one small on-board helicopter (MBB Bo 105).



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