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Alizai rebellion of 1923
DateJune or July – December 1923[note 1]
(6 months)
LocationZamindawar, Kingdom of Afghanistan
Result Government victory
Emirate of Afghanistan Alizai rebels
Commanders and leaders
Amanullah Khan Unknown

The Alizai rebellion of 1923[5] was a rebellion by the Alizai tribe in the region of Zamindawar in the Emirate of Afghanistan, which took place in 1923.[6] The causes laid in opposition to the reforms of Amanullah Khan,[6] namely in regards to conscription and taxation.[1] The rebellion lasted 6 months, largely due to the fact that none of the conscripted battalions in the south were willing to fight the Alizai.[6] Ultimately, the rebellion was defeated with troops from Herat, who executed rebel leaders and deported groups of Zamindawaris to Afghan Turkestan.[6]


  1. According to Survey of International Affairs, the rebellion started in summer 1923,[1] and according to An Intimate War: An Oral History of the Helmand Conflict, 1978–2012, the rebellion lasted 6 months. Since all sources agree that the rebellion took place in 1923, the earliest possible start date is 22 June (the date of summer solstice in Afghanistan in 1923[2]), while last possible start date is 1 July[3] (6 months after any later date would put the end date in 1924[4]).


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