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Ali al-Abdallah
Nationality Syrian
Occupation Writer
Known for Democracy Activist
Political Prisoner

Ali al-Abdallah is a Syrian writer and human rights activist.[1][2] He was arrested in Syria in March 2006.[2][3] He was again arrested and jailed during 2007 after trying to revive the Damascus Declaration, a rights movement named after a 2005 document that demanded that bans on freedom of speech and assembly be lifted and Syria's emergency law abolished.[1][4] He was released from Adra Prison on June 23, 2010, and re-imprisoned one day later for writing an article that was critical of Syria's ties with Iran.[1][5] A Syrian military court charged him with weakening national morale.[5] The United States asked Syria to free him.[6]

Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience, "held solely for the peaceful expression of his beliefs", and called for his immediate release.[7]


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