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Picture of Ali Pasha (sitting, first from the left) with Haxhi Zeka(sitting in the middle) and some other members of Prizren League

Ali Pasha of Gucia (1817-1889) (Albanian language: Ali Beg Shabanagaj; Serbian language: Ali-Paša Gusinjski) was an Boshniak and Albanian military commander and one of the leaders of the League of Prizren. He ruled over an area in eastern Montenegro. He was more commonly known as Ali Pashë Gucia or Али-паша Гусињски / Ali-paša Gusinjski ("Ali Pasha of Gusinje").[1][2]


Ali Pasha of Gucia was born in 1817 in Gusinje to Hasan-bey Shabanagaj. He finished military school in Istanbul. Ali Pasha of Gucia was a member of the League of Prizren and lead the forces of the League against the Ottoman empire after the Congress of Berlin, during which Albanian Boshnak-inhabited areas in modern Montenegro were ceded to Montenegro. In the early phases of the attack against Mehmed Ali Pasha he commanded the volunteer troops that blocked the routes from Đakovica to the Ottoman-Montenegrin border. He was also the leader of the Albanian troops of the League of Prizren against the Principality of Montenegro at the battle of Nokshiq (modern Novšiće).[3]

After collisions which took place with Ottoman troops, Ali Pasha of Gucia was arrested.[4] He was released after the Sultan gave general amnesty and became mutesarrif of the Sanjak of İpek. He was assassinated by agents of the Ottoman government in the Rugova Canyon in 1889.

Lahuta e Malcis

In the Lahuta e Malcis (English: Highland Lute) Ali Pasha of Gucia is presented as a blazing hero and is the central figure of the 8th canto and one of the important figures of the 9th canto.[5]


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