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Soviet MiG-15 aces during the Korean War. From left to right: Aleksandr Smorchkov (12 victories), Nikolay Ivanov (6 kills), Semyon Fedorets (8), Yevgeny Pepelyayev (19) and Sergey Kramarenko (13)

Aleksandr Pavlovich Smorchkov (Alexandr P. Smortzkow) was a MiG-15 pilot of the Soviet Union.

He was a participant in World War II, claiming 4 air victories.

He was also a flying ace during the Korean war, with 523 IAP and claiming an estimated 12-15 victories.[1]

On 22 October 1951 he shot down a B-29A of the 19th Bombardment Group and the next day a B-29 of of the 307th Bombardment Wing. On 24 October another B-29 of the 19th BG was downed, the 7 crew bailing out.

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