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Alexander Joseph Sulkowski
Native name Aleksander Józef Sułkowski
Born (1695-03-15)March 15, 1695.
Died May 21, 1762(1762-05-21) (aged 67)

Alexander Joseph Sulkowski[1] (Polish language: Aleksander Józef Sułkowski

15 March 1695 – 21 May 1762) was a Saxon-Polish general and the progenitor of the Sułkowski noble line.

The Kraków-born Sulkowski was a favorite companion of August III the Saxon, son of Polish King Augustus II the Strong, and his Minister of State in Saxony from 1733 to 1738. He was created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire in 1733, and elevated to the rank of Prince of Bielsko by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in 1754.[2] According to some sources, Alexander Joseph was an illegitimate son born to Elżbieta Szalewska from King Augustus II.[2] Elżbieta's husband, Stanisław Sułkowski, gave Alexander Joseph his last name.

On 31 October 1728, Sulkowski married Baroness Marie Franciszka Frn[Clarification needed] von Stain zu Jettingen (Template:Daterangedash). They had eight children. In 1743, he married Css[Clarification needed] Anna Przebendowska (25 July 1721 – 1795), with whom he had four more children. Sulkowski died 21 May 1762, aged 67, in Leszno.[1]

Notable purchases

The Sułkowski Castle in Bielsko-Biała, Poland

In 1738, Sulkowski purchased the Leszczyński estates of Rydzyna, Leszno, and neighboring areas. And in 1752,[2][3] he purchased the Sułkowski Castle in Bielsko-Biała (in Cieszyn Silesia) and its surroundings together with goods for 600,000 florins[2] from Jan Sunnegh.


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