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For the contemporary British Guards officer killed at the Battle of Waterloo, see Alexander Gordon (British staff officer).

Alexander Gordon (1781–1873) was a British officer during the Napoleonic Wars.[1] He was commissioned a captain in the 15th Hussars and he fought in the Peninsular War. His correspondence during the Corunna Campaign were collated and published early in the 20th century.[2]


Gordon was the son of George Gordon, 3rd Earl of Aberdeen and his mistress Penelope Dearing. His commission was purchased for him in 1803. After service in the Peninsular War he sold his commission in 1811 on his marriage to Albinia Elizabeth Cumberland. He was acknowledged by the 3rd Earl as being his son and was provided for in the Earl's will.[3] He died at Ellon in Aberdeenshire on 21 March 1873.[4]


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  1. Not to be confused with Alexander Gordon (1786–1815), a son of a legitimate half brother, who was slain at the Battle of Waterloo
  2. "Captain Alexander Gordon had originally served in the 15th Light Dragoons but gained his captaincy by purchase in the 3rd West India Regiment, but remained books only two weeks before transferring back to the 15th Hussars on 3 March 1808. He transferred to the 60th Foot in 1811 and retired by the sale of his commission in late 1811 and died at Ellon in Aberdeenshire 21 March 1873" (Griffith, Philips & Glover 2007, p. 44)
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