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Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov
Born 20 February 1943(1943-02-20) (age 79)
Place of birth Moscow, Soviet Union
Awards Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin Order of Lenin

Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov (Russian: Александр Павлович Александров), born February 20, 1943[1]) is a former Soviet cosmonaut and twice Hero of the Soviet Union (November 23, 1983 and December 29, 1987).


Born in Moscow, Russia, he graduated from Moscow Bauman-Highschool in 1969 with a doctorate degree, specialised on spacecraft steering systems.[2]

He was selected as cosmonaut on December 1, 1978.[1] For his first spaceflight, he flew as Flight Engineer on Soyuz T-9, which lasted from June to November 1983. For his second spaceflight, he replaced one of the long-duration crew members of Mir EO-2. For the spaceflight, he was launched with the spacecraft Soyuz TM-3 in July 1987, and landed with the same spacecraft in December 1987. All together he spent 309 days, 18 hours, 2 minutes in space.[1] He served as backup for Soyuz T-8, Soyuz T-13, and Soyuz T-15.[1]

He resigned from the cosmonaut team on October 26, 1993, when he became chief of NPOE Cosmonaut-group; since 1996 he is Chief flight test directorate of RKKE. He is married with two children.[1]

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