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Albanian Land Force
Forca Tokësore
Coat of Arms of the Albanian Land Forces
Active 1912 - Today
Country Albania
Allegiance Republic of Albania
Type Army
Role National Defense
Size 35.000[1]
Part of Albanian Armed Forces
Identification symbol Albanian-Land-Forces-insignia.jpg

Royal Marine posing with an Albanian Commando (right), both showing their shoulder patches.

The Albanian Land Force (ALF) (Albanian language: Forca Tokësore (FTSH)) is the most important branch of the Albanian Armed Forces. They are composed of: the Rapid Reaction Brigade plus a Commando Regiment, and the Area Support Brigade. Part of the structure of the Albanian Commando Regiment is the Special Operations Battalion or commonly known as BOS. BOS is a special forces unit and the most elite unit in Albanian Armed Forces.[2]



Weapon Caliber Origin Notes
Pistols and Submachine Guns
P8 Pistol[3] 9x19 mm  Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.
P12 Pistol[3] .45 ACP  Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.
Beretta 92[4] 9x19 mm  Italy In use with the B.O.S.
HK MP7[3] HK 4.6×30 mm  Germany Limited use in the B.O.S. Mostly used by the RENEA, the Albanian police
HK UMP .45 ACP  Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.
Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles and Carbines
ASH-82 7.62×39 mm  Soviet Union Service Rifle
ASH-78 Tip-1 7.62×39 mm  China Service Rifle
HK G36 5.56×45 mm  Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.
HK 416 5.56×45 mm  Germany Currently on trial
HK G3 7.62×51 mm  Germany Used during peacekeeping operations
Beretta ARX-160[5] 5.56×45 mm  Italy Used by the B.O.S.
Sniper Rifles
Sako TRG[6] .308 Winchester  Finland Moslty in use by the RENEA (police)
Barrett M99 .50 BMG United States
Steyr HS .50 .50 BMG  Austria

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