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The Air Historical Branch (AHB) is the historical archive and records service of the Royal Air Force.[1]

First established in 1919, the AHB was responsible for creating the Official History of British Air Operations in the First World War.

The branch moved from RAF Bentley Priory to RAF Northolt in 2008 after the closure of the former.[2] The Air Historical Branch is tasked with the maintenance and preservation of the history of the RAF. It is part of the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies and is headed by Sebastian Cox.

Heads of the Air Historical Branch[]

Date commenced Date ended Head Notes
1918 1920 Captain C Fairbairn RAF
1920 1923 H A Jones
1923 1933 Captain J Morris
1933 1936 H A Jones
Air Historical Branch dissestablished from 1936 to 1941
1941 1958 J C Nerney [3]
1958 1971 Louis Jackets
1971 1978 Group Captain Edward Haslam [4]
1978 1989 Air Commodore Henry Probert [5]
1989 1996 Group Captain Ian Madelin [6]
1996 Sebastian Cox [7] First civilian Head


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