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Air Force and Anti-Air Defence Brigade
Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Founded 2006
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Branch Air force
Role Defending Bosnian airspace
Size 38 Aircraft
Part of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Command HQ Sarajevo
Fin Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
Aircraft flown
Transport UH-1H, Gazelle , Mi-8/17

The Air Force and Anti-Air Defence Brigade (Bosnian: Brigada zračnih snaga i protivzračne odbrane, Croatian: Brigada zračnih snaga i protuzračne obrane, Serbian: Бригада ваздушних снага и противваздушне одбране) is a part of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The HQ stands in Sarajevo. The Air forces are using Sarajevo Airport, Banja Luka Airport and Tuzla Airport. The Forces are controlled by NATO and EUFOR. The budget of the air arm is the smallest of any European air force.

The air arm has three special unit battalions and holds a NATO standard on the army.


The Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Defence Brigade of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed when elements of the Army of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska Air Force were merged in 2006.[1]


File:Bosnian Airofrce Bell UH-1H.jpg

Bosnian UH-1H

  • 1st Helicopter Squadron - Sarajevo Airport
  • 2nd Helicopter Squadron - Banja Luka Airport
  • 3rd Helicopter Squadron - Tuzla Airport
  • Air Defense Battalion
  • 1st Air Defence Battalion - Sarajevo Airport
  • 2nd Air Defence Battalion - Banja Luka Airport
  • 3rd Air Defence Battalion - Tuzla Airport
  • Early Warning and Surveillance Battalion
  • Flight Support Battalion


  • Sarajevo Airport
  • Banja Luka Airport
  • Tuzla Airport



Aircraft Type Versions Quantity[2] Notes
Bell UH-1 Iroquois Utility helicopter UH-1H 4-5 8 in reserve, 1 crashed on June 28, 2012.[3]
Mi-8/17 Utility helicopter Mi-8T
6 Mi-8T
1 Mi-17
9 in reserve, 1 crashed on February 10, 2012[4]
Soko Gazelle Utility helicopter SA 341H 6 3-4 awaiting overhaul
Mil Mi-34 Utility helicopter Mi-34 Hermit 1 awaiting overhaul
Soko G-4 Super Galeb Advanced trainer/light attack G-4 1 In storage. Offered for sale to Serbia.[5]
Soko J-22 Orao Strike Fighter J-22 7 In storage. Offered for sale to Serbia.[5]
UTVA 75 Basic trainer Utva 75 1
Soko J-21 Jastreb Strike Fighter J-21 10

Air defence

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MANPAD's and SAM's Type Versions Quantity Notes
FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS 50
9K38 Igla MANPADS 20
Bofors 40mm gun AAA L/70 Two batteries
ZU-23-2 AAA 150
9K31 Strela-1 SAM 15 units, 5 on all main air bases
2K12 Kub SAM <22
P-40 radar Radar Used with 2K12 Kub
M53/59 Praga SPAAG 21

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