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Aibyn Presidential Regiment
(Kazakh): Айбынның Президенттік құрметті қорғау полкі
(Russian): полка "Айбын" Службы государственной охраны Республики Казахстан
Honor Guard of Kazakhstan.jpg
The regiment participating in the Spasskaya Tower Festival in 2014.
Active 21 April 2014; ago (2014-04-21)
Country  Kazakhstan
Branch State Security Service of Kazakhstan
Type Honor Guard
Role Template:Bulleted list
Garrison/HQ Astana
Captain Khasen Omarkhanov
Ceremonial Flag Боевое знамя полка "Айбын" Службы государственной охраны Республики Казахстан.jpg

The Aibyn Presidential Regiment of the State Security Service of Kazakhstan (Kazakh: Айбынның Президенттік құрметті қорғау полкі; Russian: полка "Айбын" Службы государственной охраны Республики Казахстан) is a ceremonial honor guard of the State Security Service of Kazakhstan. The head of the regiment is Captain Khasen Omarkhanov. The unit, takes a direct role in the provision of state protocol and ceremonial events. They have taken part in the changing of the guard ceremony in the Ak Orda Presidential Palace since 2001.[1] The official regimental uniform is a white and aqua tunic for officers and a blue tunic for soldiers.[2] Being at least 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) is one of the requirements to be in the regiment, the other is good health.[3] In July 1997, the servicemen of the regiment and the Presidential orchestra went on a tour to Malaysia, presenting Kazakh culture and combat art there. In September 2006, the guardsmen were invited to the Russian capital for the celebrations of the Day of Moscow, and years later they came back to Moscow, where over a hundred guardsmen took part in the Spasskaya Tower Music Festival.[4][5]




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