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Ţinut (pl. ţinuturi; sometimes translated in English as region,[1] district[2] or municipality[3]) were the traditional subdivision of the Principality of Moldavia (1359-1859).

Principality of Moldavia (1359-1859)

Counties in the Principality of Moldavia in 1483

Lower Country (Ţara de Jos)

Iaşi County
Cârligătura County (later merged with Iaşi County)
Roman County
Vaslui County
Tutova County

Bârlad County (later merged with Tutova County)
Tecuci County
Horincea County (later merged with Covurlui County)
Covurlui County
Putna County

Adjud County (later merged with Putna County)
Fălciu County
Soroca County
Orhei County
Lăpuşna County

Upper Country (Ţara de Sus)

Hotin County
Cernăuţi County
Dorohoi County

Suceava County
Neamţ County
Hârlău County (later Botoşani County)

Bacău County
Trotuş County (later merged with Bacău County)

Historic Bessarabia (Basarabia)

Cetatea Albă County
Chilia County

Tigheciu County
Tighina County

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