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An adjutant general is a military chief administrative officer.


In France the adjudant-général was a senior staff officer, effectively an assistant to a general officer.[1]

Imperial Russia

In Imperial Russia, the General-Adjutant (Russian: Генерал-адъютант) was an assistant who attended the Tsar, a field marshal or a general.[2]


In India the Adjutant-General is the senior administration officer for the Indian Army and reports to the Chief of Army Staff.[3]


In Pakistan, the Adjutant-General and Judge Advocate General is the army's most senior administration and legal officer.[4]

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the Adjutant-General to the Forces commonly just referred to as the Adjutant-General (AG), is one of the most senior officers in the British Army. He is responsible for developing the Army's personnel policies and supporting its people.[5]

United States

US Army Adjutant General Corps

In the United States, there are three definitions for this term:

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