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The Israeli Adjutant Corps is a support corps in the IDF Human Resources Directorate. Its current commander is Brigadier General Arie Dahan.

The corps's designation is to assist IDF commanders in dealing with manpower, as well as soldiers' individual problems. It employs an adjutant officer (as well as assistants) in almost every unit, as well as a liaison officer in reserve units, who is responsible for the manpower aspect of the unit, as well as attending to the reservists' individual needs.


The corps was created on May 22, 1977 as one of three corps established as a conclusion to drawing lesson from the IDF's shortcomings in the Yom Kippur War. During the war, the hasty manner in which reserve troops were called to service as well as the reconstitution of fighting units, especially critically needed tank crews, posed special problems for the Manpower Directorate, ones which the corps is designed to address.

The idea to create an adjutant corps was raised before the Yom Kippur War, but was not implemented. After the war, the necessity of the corps was understood and the Chief of Staff of the time, Mordechai Gur, in a meeting with senior officers from the Manpower Directorate (now Human Resources Directorate), decided on its creation.[1]

The Adjutant Corps transferred from the Human Resources Directorate to the GOC Army Headquarters during the course of 2006, and the official responsibility for the corps passed to the command on January 1 of that year. However, after a while it was decided to transfer it back to the Human Resources Directorate, and it was moved on June 2008.[2]


Adjutant Corps personnel are trained in Training Base 11 located in Tzrifin next to Prison Four and Training Base 6.[3]


Name Term
Matityahu Niv January 7, 1977 – August 3, 1979
Dan Raz August 3, 1979 – January 28, 1983
Benny Dekel January 28, 1983 – June 14, 1985
Aharon Ophir June 14, 1985 – May 7, 1989
Israel Einav May 7, 1989 – April 23, 1983
Haim Ashkenazi April 23, 1983 – April 10, 1987
Zvi Waxberg April 10, 1987 – June 14, 2001
Yossi Peretz June 14, 2001 – May 15, 2005
Orna Barbivai May 15, 2005 – June 12, 2008
Moshe Alush June 12, 2008 – August 8, 2011
Arie Dahan August 8, 2011 – date


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