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Adam Mikołaj Sieniawski
Grand Hetman of the Crown
Personal details
Born 1666
Lwów, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died February 18, 1726(1726-02-18)
Lwów, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Spouse(s) Elżbieta Lubomirska

Adam Mikołaj Sieniawski (1666–1726) was a Polish noble (szlachcic), military leader.

Son of Hetman Mikołaj Hieronim Sieniawski and the daughter of Court and Grand Marshal Prince Aleksander Ludwik Radziwiłł, Princess Cecylia Maria Radziwiłł, He married Elżbieta Lubomirska, daughter of Court and Grand Marshal Prince Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski, in 1687. He was voivode of Bełz Voivodeship from 1692 to 1710, Field Crown Hetman since 1702,[1] Great Crown Hetman since 1706,[1] Castellan of Kraków since 1710. Starost of Lviv, Rohatyn, Lubaczów, Stryj and Piaseczno.

In 1697 he supported François Louis, Prince of Conti as candidate for king of Poland but accepted the election of August II. As commander of the Sandomierz Confederation, he thwarted the attempt to unite forces of Stanisław Leszczyński with them of Charles XII of Sweden.[1] Later, in opposition to King August II.[1]

Like his father he participated in the Vienna expedition of 1683.[1] He led the left wing of Polish forces at the Battle of Vienna.[1]


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