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Badran Turki Hishan al-Mazidi
(Arabic language: بدران تركي هيشان المزيدي‎)
Nickname Abu Ghadiya (Arabic language: أبو غادية‎)
Born 1978
Died October 26, 2008 (aged 29–30)
Place of birth Mosul, Iraq
Place of death Abu Kamal, Syria
Allegiance al-Qaeda
Unit Al-Qaeda in Iraq
Battles/wars Iraqi insurgency

Abu Ghadiya (Arabic language: أبو غادية‎), born Badran Turki Hishan al-Mazidi (Arabic language: بدران تركي هيشان المزيدي‎) sometime between 1977-1979 in Mosul, was a Sunni militant active with al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). He was primarily involved in the logistics of AQI's effort in Iraq and assisted in smuggling weapons, money and fighters across the Syria-Iraq border. He was targeted and killed in a cross-border raid conducted by the U.S. military on October 26, 2008.[1]

Role in Iraqi Insurgency[]

According to the United States Treasury Department, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi appointed Abu Ghadiya the lead Syrian commander for AQI's logistics in 2004. After Zarqawi's death, Ghadiya took orders from his successor, Abu Ayyub Al-Masri, either directly or through a deputy. Abu Ghadiya provided false passports, safe houses, weapons and money to militants on the Syrian side of the Iraqi border before the fighters would cross into Iraq.[2]


Ghadiya was killed in a 2008 raid by US Special Forces inside Syrian territory. See article 2008 Abu Kamal raid


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