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Abdul Kerim Pasha
Place of death Istanbul, Turkey
Allegiance Ottoman Flag.svg Ottoman Empire
Years of service until 1922
Rank Ferik
Commands held XI Corps, Right Wing of the Third Army, Third Army (deputy), General Rearguard, XX Corps, Third Army, delegate to Georgia (Tiflis), member of the First Board of the Military Appeal Court, member of the First Court-martial, president of the First Court-martial
Battles/wars Italo-Turkish War
Balkan Wars
First World War

Abdul Kerim Pasha (Turkish: Abdülkerim Paşa; died January 16, 1923[1]), also known as Abdülkerim Öpelimi, was an Ottoman commander on the Caucasus front of World War I.

Abdul Kerim Pasha's first battle was when the Russian General Oganovski launched an offence into the hills west of Malazgirt, in 1915. Abdul Kerim Pasha counterattacked against the Russians and defeated Oganovski at the Battle of Malazgirt, and captured the town of Malazgirt. However Nikolai Yudenich, replaced Oganovski, as Russian commander, and counterattacked, re-taking Malazgirt.

Yudenich ordered a retreat from Malazgirt, as he was outnumbered by Abdul Kerim Pasha's army, and Kerim pursued. Yudenich defeated Kerim at the Battle of Kara Killisse. Pasha retreated back to Malazgirt.

In 1916, Kerim suffered a major defeat at the Battle of Erzurum. after that Kerim was removed from command.


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