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General (R) Dato' Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab,

Brigadier General (R) Datuk Abdul Hadi Abdul Khatab is a new politician Pakatan Rakyat. He is a retired high ranking air force officer Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) more 30 years.

Stealing a fighter jet engine

Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab was responsible for the missing of two jet engines from the Sungai Besi Airbase in 2010. Abdul Hadi was one of the five high-ranking officers that was responsible for the engines and charged with negligence. All of them including Abdul Hadi was dishonorably discharged from their duties.[1]

Court Martial

General (R) Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab was charged under the clause 4 and 5 PMAT Number 1, 1975, discharged from military service under Section 9, Federal Armed Forces Act 1972. He was dishonorably discharged under the said act of failing to comply with military conduct resulting in negligence.[2]

Testimonies from his peers were made during the court case were not to his favor.[3] As all of his subordinates stated that General (R) Abdul Hadi was hot tempered and opportunist. This however did not cloud the judgement of the court as the judge gave a sound judgement based also on other empirical evidence put fourth to the court.

Supporting Pakatan Rakyat

To salvage his image, Abdul Hadi Abdul Khattab joins Pakatan Rakyat thus making him an opposition icon. He claims that he was framed and frequently challenge the Defence Minister to baseless claims regarding his dismissal.[4]


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