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ATA-214 class tug
USS ATA-217.jpg
ATA-217 at war's end
Class overview
  • Snow Shipyards, Rockland, Maine (2)
  • Canuelette Shipbuilding Co., Slidell, Louisiana (3)[1]
  •  United States Navy
  • Built: 1943–1944
    In commission: 1944–1946
    Completed: 5
    General characteristics [1]
    Type: Auxiliary Fleet Tug
    Displacement: 1,550 long tons (1,575 t)
    Length: 194.5 ft (59.3 m)
    Beam: 34.6 ft (10.5 m)
    Draft: 14.1 ft (4.3 m)
    Propulsion: Diesel-electric engines, 1 shaft, 1,500 hp (1,119 kW)
    Speed: 12.1 knots (13.9 mph; 22.4 km/h)
    Complement: 57 men
    Armament: various; see text

    The ATA-214 class was a group of five auxiliary tugs built for the United States Navy in World War II and decommissioned shortly thereafter. They were laid down initially as Ailanthus-class net laying ships, but on 10 July 1944 the last ten ships of the latter class were cancelled.[1] On 5 August 1944 the cancellation was rescinded for those on which construction had commenced (these five), and they were directed to be completed as tugs.[1] The originally assigned names were dropped, and they were identified only by hull numbers ATA-214 through 218.[1]

    Some changes were made as construction progressed. After the first two were completed (ATA-214 and ATA-216) the mainmast was moved forward to rest directly behind the funnel, and the boom on this mast was eliminated as unnecessary.[2] Armament varied as well, based upon experiences with the Ailanthus class vessels already built. The first two completed had a single 3" gun mounted on a platform ahead of the bridge, and three 20mm antiaircraft guns mounted in two tiers in front of the funnel.[3] It was found that the upper of these three was too close to the funnel, and for the next two (ATA-215 and ATA-217) this mount was relocated immediately behind the mainmast.[2][4] For the last ship (ATA-218) the 3" gun was eliminated (though its platform remained) and two 40mm AA guns were mounted on the forecastle.[5]

    All five served in the Pacific theater, and ATA-215, ATA-216, and ATA-218 also participated in the occupation of Japan in various periods from September to November 1945. ATA-215 was loaned to the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition and sold upon its return;[2] the others were sold through the Maritime Commission.[1]

    Class members

    Name Name as ordered Laid Down Launched Decommissioned Fate
    ATA-214 Palo Blanco (AN-64) 22 May 1943 17 June 1944 21 November 1945 wrecked off Syria on 9 September 1953[3]
    ATA-215 Palo Verde (AN-65) 19 July 1943 2 September 1944 20 June 1946 foundered off Newfoundland on 15 April 1963[1]
    ATA-216 Allthorn (AN-70) 31 October 1943 27 May 1944 26 March 1946 scrapped 1968
    ATA-217 Tesota (AN-71) 11 December 1943 29 July 1944 7 May 1946 burned off Mexico 17 February 1949[6]
    ATA-218 Yaupon (AN-72) 29 January 1944 16 September 1944 26 March 1946 unknown; scrapped?


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