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Type Assault Rifle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
Designer S. G. Simonov
P. A. Tkachev
Designed 1986
Manufacturer TsNIITochMash
Weight 3.68 kg[1]
Length 890 mm[1]

Cartridge 5.45 x 39 mm
Caliber 5.45mm
Barrels 2
Rate of fire 850/6000 rounds/min[1]
Sights Iron sights

The AO-63 (Автомат АО-63) is a Soviet two-barrel assault rifle prototype, capable of fully automatic fire, chambered for the 5.45 x 39 mm round. It was designed by S. G. Simonov and P. A. Tkachev, and manufactured by TsNIITochMash.[1]

The AO-63 assault rifle was briefly part of the Project Abakan trials in the mid-1980s, in search of a more accurate alternative to take place over the standard issue AK-74, with AN-94 being the winner among numerous other weapons. Using two barrels it was capable of 6000rpm in a two-round burst and 850rpm in sustained fire. Although its accuracy was on par with Nikonov's AS in the first round of preliminary trials, the AO-63 did not enter the final round.[1]

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