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File:File:SPS-10 radar antenna on a Knox class frigate.jpg
AN/SPS-10 aboard a Knox-class
Country of origin United States
Introduced 1959
Type 2D
Frequency C Band
Pulse Repetition Frequency 650 Hz
Beamwidth 1.9° × 16°
Pulsewidth 1.3 µs
Power 280 kW

AN/SPS-10 is a two-dimensional radar manufactured by Raytheon Technologies. It was used by the US Navy as a surface-search radar after World War II, and was equipped aboard naval ships during the Cold War. Variants include AN/SPS-10B, AN-SPS/10E and AN/SPS-10F.[1]


It was first introduced in 1959 during the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization. In which was equipped aboard Gearing-class, Fletcher-class, Allen M. Sumner-class and Benson-class destroyers. Since then it has been a normal standard for US Navy ships to be equipped with it throughout the Cold War.

By 1998, the radar has been put out of service by AN/SPS-502.[2][3]

Onboard ships

AN/SPS-10 aboard USS Bellatrix

United States United States

Thailand Thailand

  • Surangkana-class destroyer escort

Canada Canada


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