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Type Nuclear bomb
Place of origin France
Service history
In service 1967-1988
Production history
Number built 40
Weight 700 kg

Blast yield 70 kilotons

The AN-22 was France's second air-dropped nuclear weapon, developed as a replacement for the earlier AN-11 bomb, entering service in 1967. It had a similar 60 to 70 kilotons yield fission warhead to the earlier AN-11, but with enhanced safety features and a parachute retarder to enable it to be dropped at low level. Additionally the casing was redesigned reducing its weight from approximately 1,400 kg (3,000 lb) to around 700 kg (1,500 lb). It was carried by the Dassault Mirage IV.

A stockpile of about 40 weapons was maintained, providing one for each of the 36 Mirage IVAs in service, plus several spares. The last warhead was retired on 1 July 1988, at which point the ASMP stand-off weapon took over the role previously held by the AN-22.

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