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Dzik 3
Dzik 3
Dzik-3 known as Ain Jaria-1
Type Armored car
Place of origin  Poland
Service history
In service 2004 - Present
Used by  Iraq,
Production history
Produced 2004[1]
Weight 4.5 tonnes
Length 5.74 m
Width 2.05 m
Height 2.16 m
Crew 13

Armor Mostly B6 class armour; engine B4 armored
PK machine gun using 7.62x51 NATO
As an alternative NSV using 12.7 x 107 mm or 12.7 x 99 mm NATO
Engine Iveco Aifo SOFIM 8140.43N
107 kW (146 KM)
Power/weight 32 hp/tonne
Suspension SM62
800 km
Speed 100 km/h
For other meanings, see Dzik (disambiguation).

Dzik (Polish language: Wild Boar ) is a 4.5-ton Polish-made multi-purpose infantry mobility vehicle. Produced by the AMZ works in Kutno, it is designed for serving both the patrol and intervention roles, as well as an armoured personnel carrier for use by various peace-keeping and policing forces. Its armour provides defence against 7.62 mm bullets. The Dzik-3 also boasts bulletproof windows, puncture-proof tires and smoke launchers.

The Dzik cars are powered by a turbodiesel engine that produces 146 hp (107 kW) with a 2,797 cm³ displacement.


The Dzik is issued in four variants based on the same chassis:

  • Dzik-AT (AT antyterrorystyczny - anti-terrorist) with 3 doors, room for up to 8 people and 10 firing ports.[2]
  • Dzik-2 with 5 doors, room for up to 8 people, 8 firing ports and a rotating machine gun turret in the roof.[3]
  • Dzik-3 (also known by the Iraqi designation Ain Jaria 1) with 4 doors, room for up to 11 soldiers, 13 firing ports, machine gun turret and two double smoke grenade launchers.[4]
  • Dzik Cargo with 2 doors, 2 firing ports, room for up to 3 people and a cargo hold.[5]

Customers can also get Dziks in ambulance and anti-aircraft versions.[6][7]

A number of Dzik-AT cars were bought by the Polish Ministry of Interior and are to replace obsolete BTR-60 APCs as the basic anti-terrorist vehicle in Polish service. Dzik-2 are used by the Polish Military Police (Żandarmeria Wojskowa), and are also known under a nickname Gucio (a diminutive of Gustav).

The Dzik-3 was specifically designed to fit the needs of the New Iraqi Army, where it is adopted as the basic armoured personnel carrier. As of 2015, 600 Dzik-3 were ordered, with an option to extend the order to 1,000 or more.



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