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AMX 38
Type Light tank
Place of origin  France
Production history
Designed 1937
Manufacturer Ateliers de construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux
Produced 1938
Number built 2
Weight 18 t (40,000 lb)
Length 5,280 mm (208 in)
Width 1,930 mm (76 in)
Height 2,227 mm (87.7 in)
Crew 2

AMX 38 was a prototype French tank designed in 1937 at the AMX works. Designed as AMX's response to the 20-tonne tank programme intended to replace the ageing Char D2, it was a faster and heavier alternative to Renault R35, in practice a cross-over between a light and medium tank.[1]

In 1938 two prototypes were built, the first armed with a 37 mm SA 38 gun, the second with the 47 mm SA 35 gun mounted in a centrally-located conical turret almost identical to the one used by Société Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée on FCM 36 tank.[1] The suspension designed by Molinié was of typical AMX design of the epoch, similar to the one used in Renault R40, protected on the sides by an armoured plate similar to the one used on D2 tank.[1] The crew consisted of two people: driver and commander/gunner.[1] Trials of both prototypes were underway when war broke out and no serial production followed.[1]


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