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The AK-103 assault rifle
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Russian Federation
Service history
Used by See Users
Wars First Chechen War
Second Chechen War
2008 South Ossetia war
Libyan civil war
Production history
Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov
Designed 1994
Manufacturer Izhmash
Number built 200,000+
Variants AK-104
Weight 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) without magazine
Length 943 mm (37.1 in) stock extended / 700 mm (27.6 in) stock folded
Barrel length 415 mm (16.3 in)

Cartridge 7.62×39mm
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 600 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 715 m/s (2,346 ft/s)
Effective range 500 m (550 yd)
Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Notch rear on sight scale and half-globe post on front

The AK-103 assault rifle is a derivative of the AK-74M chambered for the 7.62×39mm M43 round, similar to the older AKM. The AK-103 can be fitted with a variety of sights, including laser, night vision, and telescopic sights, plus a suppressor and the GP-25 grenade launcher. It uses plastic components whenever possible instead of wood or metal in order to reduce weight.

Design details

AK-103 with the stock folded.


Differences from the AKM series include redesigned rear and front trunnions, as well as a 90 degree gas block, AK-74 style front sight block, the use of a black ribbed 30-round magazine constructed of phenolic resin (which is AKM-compatible as well), an AK-74-type muzzle brake, and black synthetic furniture with a heat shield. These improvements allow the AK-103 to have less recoil, lower weight, better accuracy and enhanced durability than the AKM assault rifles that preceded the AK-103.

The AK-104 is a compact version of the AK-103. It combines features from the older AKS-74U carbine with features from the AK-103, giving a more accurate carbine. It is also chambered for 7.62×39mm ammunition.


  •  Ethiopia: The Gafat Armament Engineering Complex produces the AK-103 rifle in Ethiopia. Supplements the AKM in the Ethiopian Armed Forces.[1]
  •  India: The Russian arms company Izhmash has issued a license to an Indian private arms manufacturer to produce the AK-103.[2]
  •  Indonesia[citation needed]
  •  Pakistan: Used by SSG & Special Service Group Navy.[3]
  •  Iran: Used by the Iranian Army.[citation needed]
  •  Libya: Seen in the hands of anti-Gaddafi forces & loyalists in numerous photos.[4][5]
  •  Morocco[citation needed]
  •  Russia: Used by various special police groups and spec ops groups.[6]
  •  Saudi Arabia: Seen in use by Saudi Commandos training in France.[citation needed]
  •  Syria: Used by Syrian commandos.[citation needed]
  •  Venezuela: Standard issue weapon of the Venezuelan Army. A manufacturing plant to produce the AK-103 in Maracay is operational, and it produces up to 50,000 units per year.[7][8]

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