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Humvee with a SAM equipped with an AIM-120 AMRAAM

The AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile Or AMRAAM, known by flight crews as the "Slammer", is a modern air-air missile. Developed in the 80 and considered the missile currently in use more deadly, the AIM-120 AMRAAM has the characteristics of the missile ideal, fast and maneuverable as a weapon for air combat at close range and scope precision of a guided weapon radar. The type BVR (Beyond Visual Range or beyond visual range) allows the pilot to fire it without the enemy plane is in their visual field, guided to the target by a triple system: at the time of its release is ordered directly from computer game; during the middle phase of flight, passes to an inertial navigation system, completely passive and therefore immune to countermeasures ; as it approaches the point set for the interception, activates its own active radar that directs it to the goal. Once in range, a fuse approach laser- radar explodes the warhead that scatters a circle of fragments passing through the target. Its propulsion is guaranteed by an engine rocket propellant solid that accelerates to Mach 4 and its scope of action ranges from 50 km to 165 km against aircraft in the attack, depending on the version and speed of the aircraft launcher, or 10–30 km against aircraft in flight.

Despite its superior range AIM -120 is considerably smaller and almost 30% lighter than its predecessor, allowing each fighter can carry more missiles and facilitating its handling by ground personnel . Entered service in the USAF in 1991 and had his baptism of fire the following year, when some F-15 shot down two Iraq jets that violated the security zone established by UN During Gulf War.

AIM-120 AMRAAM on F-16 wings

The latest version, the AIM- 120D, is currently undergoing vibration testing in F-22 Raptor. The ability of this game to fly above the speed of sound without afterburning, Called supercruse, increases the range of the missile by 50% due to initial velocity at launch. This results in a range of 75 km for the AIM-120C5, 112 km to the AIM-120C7 and 165 km to the AIM-120D.


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