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9 South African Division
SADF 9 SA Division Flash.jpg
9th Division emblem
Active 1992-1997
Country  South Africa
Branch South African Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
9 Division Command Bar SADF 9 Division Command Bar.jpg
9 Division Beret badge SANDF 9 Division Beret badge.jpg

9 South African Infantry Division was a formation of the South African Army, active in the early 1990s.


9 SA Division[1] was established in 1992 in Cape Town when the SA Army abandoned the conventional order of battle used for field divisions. 9 SA Division was a balanced mix of all the arms and services required in modern conventional warfare with the accent on long range mobility and great fire-power. 9 SA Division typically had:

  • Armoured Car Regiments.
  • Motorised Infantry Battalions transported in 'Buffels'.
  • Three Artillery Regiments equipped with G5 or G6 or the 140mm (5.5 inch). Howitzers.
  • Two Anti-Aircraft Regiments armed with a combination of 20mm and 35mm towed artillery. In 9 Divisions case, Cape Garrison Artillery(35mm) and 7 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment(20mm).
  • An Engineer Regiment.
  • Necessary supporting service units.

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The Division[2] was effectively disbanded on April 1, 1997, when its former units became part of 7th South African Infantry Division as 75 Brigade.

SANDF 9 Div redesignated as 75 Brigade with 7 Div


SADF 9 Division Warrant Officer Insignia



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